Emma with Opening Dec 2013

"Love, like life,
flows through the heart.
Feel the thrill of the flow
and say nothing"

Freestyle Mixed Media
has truly embraced and partnered me
to enchanted places of sacred fullness!

After many years of exploring creativity and healing through many exciting art forms; pushing boundaries and playing with possibility, freestyle mosaic process has guided me home to my longing heart.

A generous practice; offering abundant opportunity to slow and reconnect with our creative potential.

I have enjoyed many buoyant adventures spent in pursuit of diverse materials. Charity and curiosity shops promising endless treasure. A floral dance of timeworn china, sumptuous stained glass and a myriad of jewelled delights, crystals, shells and precious stones all reflecting their virtue!

'Peace by Piece' placing together disparate elements, observing how they connect and relate together. A journey of transformation begins as each fragment is cut, shaped and settled into their new expression.